Smoking Thinnest Rolls – Ultra Thin Rolling Paper Rips on 4 Metres Roll – Multi Listing


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Smoking Thinnest Rolls – Ultra Thin Rolling Paper 
Rolling Paper on a roll has always been popular, but no rolling paper brand has managed to do an ultra thin paper. Smoking have, the thinnest slim rolls ever made, over 16 feet in one pack of ultra ultra thin paper. The roll is 44mm wide and use only 100% natural vegetable gum ensuring each paper sticks first time, every time!  The roll of paper has been watermarked with Smoking’s logo, the paper burns very evenly and slow.
So thin, they could Fly!
We Only Sell Genuine Smoking Brand Papers.
Smoking Thinnest Rolls
Length: 4 Metres – 16.4 Feet
Wide: 44mm
Ultra Thin Papers
Slow Burning
100% Natural Vegetable Gum
Box Contains 24 Packs
Smoking Watermarked
FSC Certified
Weight: 10 g/m2
Made in Spain
Genuine Brand Rolling Papers
Supplied Direct From Manufacturer
Every Box is Sealed and has its authenticity label / sticker intact. All New and Fresh Rolling Papers – No old, dry or discontinued stock
SMO-KING Guarantee the best quality rolling papers every time
Accept No Substitute

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